Marie-Émilie Jolly

Jolly, Marie-Émilie, known as Mademoiselle Lloyd

French actress (1842-1897). 3 autograph letters signed, 1 autograph letter card signed, and 1 autograph calling card signed. Paris. Various formats. Together 5 pp.
450 € (91694/BN61016)

Collection of private letters of invitation, acceptance, and thanks. In a letter dated 17 December, Lloyd promises her unnamed friend to help her in an "almost impossible" matter but it will "take a long time": "La chose est fort difficle pour ne pas dire presque impossible et demande un long temps. - Je m'en suis occupée mais ne puis avoir de réponse encore". - The letter card and one of the letters on stationery with embossed monogram and motto "Acta non verba". Well preserved.

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