Georges Jacques Danton

Danton, Georges Jacques

französischer Politiker (1759-1794). Signed letter. Paris. One page, large folio. Bearing at the base a red ink stamp.
3.800 € (91222)

The hand written letter being a decree of the National Assembly related to the 10th August Storming of the Tuileries Palace and the Swiss Guards behaviour, stating `By decree, the National Assembly establishes that the Minister of war will send an urgent report to this Assembly explaining the reasons which have forced Captains Buxdorf, Bourcand and Salis Scevis to resignate and about Lieutenant Colonel Bachman´s behaviour..´ Niklaus Franz von Bachmann (1740-1831) Swiss General of the Napoleonic wars.

Brother of Karl Joseph von Bachmann, Commander of the Swiss Guards. Bachman is at the origin of the today´s date flag, being the first during the Second Coalition to re-introduce to his troops the old Swiss symbol of the white cross on a red field which had not been used anymore since the Middle Ages..

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