Reginald Bathurst Birst

Birst, Reginald Bathurst

Maler und Illustrator (1856–1943). 2 eigenh. Briefe mit U. („B. Birch“). [London]. Zusammen 2 SS. 4to und 8vo.
200 € (7918)

An den Maler, Kunstautor und Sekretär der Society of Graphic Arts Frank L. Emmanuel (1865–1948). I: „Many thanks for your letter – very good of you to write. I will hope to come on Monday + be further tutored in the matter. As far as I myself am concerned, I feel very doubtful as to joining – first, because I belong to 5 societies already, + fear I cannot do justice to another – + secondly because it seems to me the Graphic Arts does not break new ground: the names so far mentioned are, as I imagined they would be, mostly those of people who are already members of other societies for graphic Art; and the societies already existent are freely open to young draughtsmen who look for wallspace.

Also the Graphic Arts promises apparently to become a numerous society, which must necessarily therefore include a large proportion of mediocre, though possibly pleasant talent […]“ (Br. v. 21. Februar 1920). – II: „I feel greatly honoured to have been ‘unanimously’ invited to do anything – greatly – but before deciding to serve I should like to know a little more about the society […]“ (Br. v. 24. Februar 1920). – Beide Briefe auf Briefpapier mit gepr. Adresse..

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