Jerrold Reinach Zacharias

Zacharias, Jerrold Reinach

Physiker (1905–1986). Ms. Brief mit eigenh. U. („Jerrold“). Cambridge (Mass.). 1 S. Gr.-4to.
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Jerrold Reinach Zacharias (1905–1986), Physiker. Ms. Brief mit e. U. („Jerrold“). Cambridge (Mass.), 16. Dezember 1966. 1 S. Gr.-4°. – An den Physiker und Nobelpreisträger Isidor Isaac Rabi (1898–1988): „[...] Thank you for sending me ‚Education and the Spirit of Science; I am very glad to have it. Surely it was written by someone whose heart is on the right side of the issues, but the account itself I consider that it would be understandable to anyone who was not already convinced by his own experience.

To many people, the word science covers a multitude of attitudes. We have Christian Science, library science, social science, behavioral science, and then something quite different from any of these which you and I call science. I am beginning to believe that our view of science might even be a little narrow. I have spent just enough time recently with people who study human behavior from many points of view to get a feel for what a science is like when it almost doesn’t exist, when one is floundering in the anecdotes [...]“. – Auf Briefpapier mit gedr. Briefkopf des Massachusetts Institute of Technology; etwas angestaubt..

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