Ella Young

Young, Ella

irische Dichterin, Theosophin und Freiheitskämpferin (1867-1956). The Weird of Fionavar. With autograph inscription signed. Dublin und London. 24 SS. Bedr. Originalbroschur. 16mo.
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Inscribed to Mrs. Roland G. Hopkins from the Women's City Club of Boston.

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Young, Ella

7 autograph letters signed.
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To Mrs. Roland G. Hopkins from the Women's City Club of Boston, on meetings, lectures, and a trip to an Indian reservation: "[...] I have been to visit two Indian reservations at Pala + saw the Indian village + many Indians; my kind friend Mrs. Hinkle who is a very welcome visitor always at the village took me + we went from house to house talking to the Indians. I heard some of their songs too, such weird quaint music! The country round San Diego seemed to me very wild + beautiful[,] at night crickets + frogs made such a strange musical crying + a little owl joined the orchestra wailing 'Look out' 'Look out' 'Look out'. I have climbed a Californian hill near Salinas[.] I spent a day on it all by myself + I also walked along a hill road from whence I could see a wilderness of mountains: at nights I heard fierce music as if all the mountains cried out together + filled the nights with sound [...]" (Hotel Casa Madrona, July 6, n. y.).