Christian Wolff

Wolff, Christian, Freiherr von

Philosoph (1679-1754). Autograph letter signed. Marburg. 2 SS. auf Doppelblatt. 4to.
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Appealing letter by the principal figure of German enlightenment between Leibniz and Kant: an early item of his correspondence with the Frankfurt physician Johann Philipp Burggrave jr. (1700-75), the medical advisor of the Goethe family. - Burggrave, son of the like-named country physican of the Mainz electorate, studied in Leiden with Boerhave before returning to Frankfurt and becoming a member of the Leopoldinian Academy of Natural Science in 1741. - Paper somewhat browned and brownstained; edge slightly clipped from opening seal (slightly touching a few letters). Date of receipt noted by Burggrave on the address leaf.

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Wolff, Christian Freiherr von

E. Brief mit U.
Autograph ist nicht mehr verfügbar

Christian Freiherr von Wolff (1679–1754), philosopher. ALS with a pen-and-ink sketch in the text. Halle, 18 Aug. 1743. 4°. 4 pp. Somewhat browned; slightly spotted; several small tears to edges and folds (some restored). In Latin. Important letter to Réaumur, thanking him for the annual report of the French Academy and announcing volumes 3 and 4 of his book on natural law. He hopes that the “status turbulentus in confiniis Alsatiae” will not delay his shipment and hopes that peace will come soon, for “inter arma enim silent Musae”. Wolff also thanks for the latest volume of Réaumur’s “Histoire des Insectes” (i. e., vol. 7) and comments extensively on the issue of reproduction through binary fission, which is treated in vol. 6. Because of the indivisibility of the soul, this discovery had produced a metaphysical problem, for which Wolff here advances a solution.