Ludwig (Louis) Wittgenstein

Wittgenstein, Ludwig (Louis)

Kunstsammler und Onkel des gleichnamigen Philosophen (1845-1925). Autograph calling card. [Wien. 2 SS. Kleines Visitkartenformat. In Bleistift.
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To an unidentified recipient, requesting an expert opinion concerning a painting, allegedly by Boltraffio, from the collection of Dr. Gross, for sale at the time. Although Dr. Frimmel has named Boltraffio as the artist, Wittgenstein rejects this attribution absolutely: he considers it to be a Milanese picture, furthermore in doubtful state of preservation. As to the question of its price, Frimmel is said to have given an estimation of 2000 fl., if a buyer took a special affection for it, but a truly persuasive price would be lower.

- For the collection of Dr. Carl Gross, see: T. Frimmel, Geschichte der Wiener Gemäldesammlung, vol. 2 (1914), pp. 76-78. Frimmel notes that Wittgenstein purchased the painting attributed to Leonardo's student Giovanni Antonio Boltraffio in 1896 for 1150 fl. at an auction at the Gartenbaugesellschaft. The painting of a Madonna with Child was ascribed to "Pseudo-Boltraffio" by W. Suida in 1920. It was described as a small, most delicate painting, charming in terms of colour, from the collection of Ludwig Wittgenstein in Vienna, called a variation of Leonardo's Madonna Urusoff. See: W. Suida, Leonardo da Vinci und seine Schule in Mailand, in: Monatshefte für Kunstwissenschaft 13, 1920, issue April, called 5. 48 and plate 10, picture 11..

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