Wilhelm Wien

Wien, Wilhelm

dt. Physiker und Nobelpreisträger (1864-1928). Autograph draft letter. O. O. u. D. Folio. 2 SS.
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To the Nobel laureate Arnold Sommerfeld (1868-1951): “Dear colleague!”: “ Prof. Stark [Johannes Stark (1874-1957), Nobel Price for Physics 1919] „ in Aachen asked me to encourage the German Physicians to combat the English influence on German Physics. At the same time I received a declaration from the English professors from Switzerland, which is very Germanophobe and which shows no understanding of German feeling and thinking. The following English physicians signed the declaration: Bragg, Lamb, Lodge, Ramsay, Rayleigh, J.J.

Thomson, Crookes, Fleming. To the first six, whom I know personally, I wrote that this declaration, which is written without any knowing of the German nature, had taken all hope away from me, that the relationships between German and Englishmen, which were cut off due to war, could be healed in foreseeable future […]..

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