Max Prinz zu Wied-Neuwied

Wied-Neuwied, Max Prinz zu

Naturforscher (1782-1867). Autograph letter signed. Neuwied. 2 SS. auf Doppelblatt. 8vo. Montiert in: Ders. Reise nach Brasilien in den Jahren 1815 bis 1817. Frankfurt/M., Heinrich Ludwig Brönner, 1820-1821. 2 Tle. in 1 Bd. XXXIV, (2), 380, (6) SS. XVIII, 345, (1) SS. Mit 19 Kupfertafeln. Marmorierter Halblederband.
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Interesting letter (in German) to an unidentified professor, accompanying the first edition of his work on Brazil. Very likely to his former academic teacher in Göttingen, Johann Friedrich Blumenbach (1752-1840), under whom the author had read natural history in 1811-12: "Dearest professor, please accept this small token of my deep gratitude and veneration, and exercise forbearance when looking upon this product borne forth not by a scholar, but by a mere dilettante of descriptive zoology [...] The printer has retained a large number of obvious errors which unfortunately were in the manuscript, by fault of the copyist [...]".

- Following the example set by the Humboldts, the Rhenish Prince Max zu Wied made significant contributions to botany, zoology, and ethnology through two long and well-documented expeditions, lasting several years. He led an expedition to Brazil in 1815-17, studying flora, fauna, and the native population. The prince was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Jena in 1858. - Letter shows slight edge damage to centerfold (no loss to text); some browning and traces of original folds. Book variously browned due to paper; the beautiful binding is very well preserved. Without the separately published plate volume..

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