Francois Voltaire

Voltaire, Francois

French Enlightenment writer, historian and philosopher (1694-1778). Autograph Letter Signed (“Voltaire“). Paris. 8vo. 1 p.
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To George Conrad Walther, Voltaire’s publisher in Dresden, most likely about the 1752 reissue of his collected works. In full (translated): "I sent you the third volume more than three weeks ago; please confirm that you have received them, you will have the fourth soon. By the way, if you have a better way for me to get the packages to you, please let me know. / Your very humble servant Voltaire." - With integral autograph address leaf, very mild toning, 1.5 inch loss at upper right corner of address leaf (from original seal).

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Voltaire, Francois

Eigenh. Brief mit U. ("V.").
Autograph ist nicht mehr verfügbar

A hitherto unknown letter to his publisher Gabriel Cramer at Geneva, asking to send a copy of his "Louis XIV" to bookbinder Jacoby to bind it properly, since the Parliament President of Besançon has asked for one: "Mr. Le premier Président de Bezancon qui vient de rendre un arrêt en faveur des malheureux serfs de franche comté demande un éxemplaire du siècle de Louis 14. Je prie instamment Monsieur Cramer de vouloir bien en envoier un à Jacoby qui le reliera proprement pour mon compte. Je lui serai très obligé [...]". - Traces of folding and of a red seal.