Feliks Volkhovsky

Volkhovsky, Feliks

russischer Revolutionär (1846-1914). Autograph letter signed ("F. Volkhovsky"). London. 15.10.1894. 2¾ SS. auf Doppelblatt. 8vo.
$ 3,791 / 3.500 € (44134/BN30102)

To an unidentified lady: "[...] I should be glad to visit Bristol where I lectured some 3 years ago with much success. I do not gather from your letter what kind of address do you expect from me: is it a lecture on my experiences in prison + exile, or drawing-room speech on the political situation of Russia? My fee is, generally speaking, 10 guineas per lecture, travelling expenses included, I mean for institutions which can pay it. But this fee may vary according to different circumstances [...] I should easily come in November [...] I should prefer however to visit Bristol before the 21st, as after that date I am busy with preparing the coming No.

ov 'Free Russia' [...]". - Some duststaining..

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