Félix Vallotton

Swiss and French painter and printmaker, 1865-1925

"Félix Edouard Vallotton was a Swiss and French painter and printmaker associated with the group of artists known as ""Les Nabis"". He was an important figure in the development of the modern woodcut. He painted portraits, landscapes, nudes, still-lifes, and other subjects in an unemotional, realistic style. His woodcuts brought him international recognition in the 1890s. Characterized by broad masses of black and white with minimal detail, they include street scenes, bathers, portraits, and a series of ten interiors titled ""Intimités"" (""Intimacies"") that portray domestic encounters. He was also active as a writer; his novel ""La Vie meurtrière"" (""The Murderous Life"") was published posthumously."

Source: Wikipedia

Vallotton, Félix

peintre, sculpteur et graveur sur bois suisse (1865-1925). Autograph letter signed. Honfleur. 8vo. 2 p. Encre bleue turquoise.
$ 2,544 / 2.500 € (48460)

Leaving to the front on June 7 1917, Vallotton passed through Suippes, Hurles and Perthe, where he even visited the trenches. Impressed by wartime experiences and back home, he created 14 paintings for an exhibition called “Peintres aux armées”, which took place in October of the same year and where the State bought one of his “war landscapes”. This letter is addressed to a military man at the Front. It’s notable that the letter is dated June 25, the day he left to Honfleur. He doesn’t forget to mention the upcoming exhibition: “Here is the brassard which was entrusted to me with many thanks.

My hounded departure tomorrow morning keeps me from seeing you again and I am sorry. Everything went good and all the officers I was involved with were very nice”. He notes his address in Honfleur, asking to send all communication. “It’s time for me to go if I want to exhibit something that has form”..

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