Peter Iljitsch Tschaikowsky

Tschaikowsky, Peter Iljitsch

russ. Komponist (1840-1893). Autograph letter signed three times, in Cyrillic. ohne Ort. 4to. 1 p. Faltspuren.
$ 14,136 / 12.000 € (80348)

A document confirming receipt of pension payments. P.I. (Pyotr Ilyich), received his pension from Mr. Osip Jurgenson (brother of Pyotr Jurgenson). With three signatures by P. Tchaikovsky. In 1888 Tsar Alexander III fixed a pension of 3,000 rubles per year for Tchaikovsky. The composer, who was traveling a lot, presumably authorized Osip Jurgenson to draw his pension. Tchaikovsky was intimately acquainted with the brothers Osip Jurgenson (1829-1910) and Pyotr Jurgenson (1836-1904). Pyotr Jurgenson (1829-1910) acted as Tchaikovsky's main publisher in Moscow.

He supported Tchaikovsky financially at the beginning of his career. At times, Jurgenson held the worldwide rights for Tchaikovsky's compositions. The piano piece „Mazurque pour danser“, No. 6 of the Eighteen Pieces op. 72 (1892) is dedicated to Osip's daughter Luiza. Tchaikovsky is considered the most important composer of the 19th century in Russia, although he did not belong to the Group of Five. Tchaikovsky continued Anton Rubinstein's school, which was influenced by Western music. Tchaikovsky's best-known compositions include his last three symphonies, the violin concerto, his first piano concerto, the 1812 overture, and his opera „Eugene Onegin“. With „Swan Lake“, „Sleeping Beauty“ and „The Nutcracker“, he also wrote three of the most famous ballets in music history..

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