Edmond Temple

Temple, Edmond

British geographer and traveller (fl. 1830). Autograph letter. No place. 8vo. 1 page on bifolium. With autograph address verso.
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To the baronet and travel writer Arthur de Capell Brooke (1791-1858), who had offered to support his joining the Raleigh Club: "Sir Edmund Temple feels highly flattered by Sir Arthur Brooke's obliging offer to propose him as a candidate for the Raleigh Club, and would gladly avail himself of the intended honour, was it not that Sir E. leaves England early next week and is likely to be absent a considerable time [...]". - Previously in the collection of the English novelist Catherine Hutton (1756-1846), with a few biographical notes in her handwriting. A newspaper clipping showing the palace and cathedral of Lima on page 2, as well as a strip of old mounting tape on verso.

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