J. Herbert Taylor

Taylor, J. Herbert

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J. Herbert Taylor (1916–1998), Molekularbiologe. 4 ms. Briefe mit e. U. New York, St. Andrews und Tallahassee, 1957 bis 1966. Zusammen (¾+¾+¾+¾=) 3 SS. auf 4 Bll. Gr.-4°. – An den Genetiker und Molekularbiologen Hans Ferdinand Linskens (1921–2007) über u. a. einen Gastaufenthalt „in my laboratory and perhaps some other laboratories in the United States“ (Br. v. 13. März 1957) und „concerning the revision of the chapter for Volume 18 in the Encyclopedia of Plant Physiology“ (Br.

v. 7. September 1966). – J. Herbert Taylor war Professor für Biologie an der Florida State University in Tallahassee. „In the early days of molecular biology, Herb Taylor made fundamental contributions to our outstanding of the chromosomes. In collaboration with scientists at the Brookhaven National Laboratory, he developed the use of tritiated thymidine as an autoradiographic label for DNA synthesis and demonstrated that chromosomal DNA replicates and segregates semiconservatively as predicted by the Watson-Crick model. This experiment, which preceded the density-shift experiment of Meselson and Stahl by a year, provided the first proof of semiconservative DNA replication“ (Wolfgang Hennig: In memoriam: J. Herbert Taylor. In: Chromosoma 108, Nr. 8, März 2000, 469). – Meist auf Briefpapier mit gedr. Briefkopf..

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