Joseph (Karl) Schmidt


Schmidt, Joseph (Karl)

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Schmidt's correspondents in this collection include Kasimir von Blumenthal (1787-1849), Karl August Gruber, Adalbert von Heidewaldt (cf. Goedeke X, 532), Joseph Huber, Eduard Neufeld, Joseph Neumann, Franz Wallishausser (1801-32), Eduard Weiß, as well as the unidentified gentlemen Binder, Hackl, Holzapfel, and a number of ladies with whom Schmidt appears to have entertained romantic relationships. In addition, the partial estate includes two subscriptions slips (1825, 1828) for the Wiener Allgemeine Theaterzeitung, filled in or signed by Adolf Bäuerle (1786-1859), two handwritten textbooks for the plays "Madelon Triquet" and "Die schrecklichen Folgen einer Untreue, oder: Jutta von Rottenstein", and several documents pertaining to Schmidt's father Carl, a bricklayer foreman from Merseburg in Saxony who died in Vienna in 1803. - Schmidt, who was active on the Bratislava stage, at Vienna's Josefstadt Theatre, and from 1828 onwards at the Burgtheater, is best known for his friendship with his colleague Ferdinand Raimund, whom he accompanied on a summer outing in the first week of August in 1826 that went disastrously awry: due to Raimund's obsessive horror of contracting rabies, the trip had to be abandoned after a few days, following a chance encounter with a dog. Schmidt's journal, the relevant passages of which were published by Karl Glossy in 1898 ("Kleine Beiträge zur Biographie Grillparzer's VI", in: Jahrbuch der Grillparzer-Gesellschaft 8, pp. 267-274), was formerly owed by the actor Josef Lewinsky.