Mathias Schmid

Schmid, Mathias

Austrian painter (1835-1923). Autograph signature. Munich. 16.12.1910. Oblong 8vo (postcard). ½ page.
$ 192 / 180 € (84674/BN55182)

Inscribed to the German dermatologist Alwin Scharlau. - Starting out as a painter of religious motifs, Schmid soon turned towards critically depicting ecclesiastical themes, including mendicants and the expulsion of the Zillertal protestants of 1837. He found inspiration in Tyrolean country life and was a founding member of the Old Catholic Church in Munich. - Traces of postal stamps. Self-addressed by the collector on the reverse. The Mecklenburg physician Scharlau (b. 1888) assembled a collection of artists' autographs by personal application.

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