Clara Rousby

Rousby, Clara

actress (1848-1879). Autograph letter signed. Leamington. (Oblong)8vo. 3 SS. Mounted on backing paper.
$ 173 / 160 € (90456/BN60158)

To a Miss Frith about a certain letter and speaking of her, Rousby's, recovered health: "I only received your note & should have replied at once had I not waited until I got all my things together in hope of finding the letter you allude to among them. Having searched without finding it, I fancy I must have left it with my brother in London, anyhow it is quite safe, for I preserved it with the intention of handing it over to Mr. Fiddes at some future time. You will be glad to hear that I have been much stronger since I recovered from my severe illness at Bristol, & that we are enjoying a most profitable & agreeable tour [...]".

- On mourning paper with embossed monogram and collector's note to backing paper..

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