James Harvey Robinson

Robinson, James Harvey

Historiker (1863-1936). 2 ms. Briefe mit eigenh. U. ("James H. Robinson"). New York. Zusammen (2+1 =) 3 SS. auf 3 Bll. Gr.-bzw. kl.-4to.
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An Mrs. Roland G. Hopkins vom Women's City Club of Boston: "I was away when your letter came and I am [!] been slow in answering it because I disliked to say either 'yes' or 'no'. The matter can no longer be delayed. I appreciate your interest in what I might say and your seeming confidence that I might help. But I am very busy and more and more disinclined to go on lecturing. I have been at it for thirty years and now am eager to write and study. I did yield to the pressure to give three lectures to two promising groups who combined in Springfield and, after repeated invitations and at the urgence of Mr.

Filene, I consented to talk to the Ford Hall Forum. Then Miss Smith caught me for the Community Church and your club for the next day [...]" (a. d. Br. v. 15. November). - Der Brief v. 23. November in derselben Sache. - James H. Robinson lehrte an der University of Pennsylvania und der Columbia University. "Through his writings and lectures, in which he stressed the 'new history' - the social, scientific, and intellectual progress of humanity rather than merely political happenings - he exerted an important influence on the study and teaching of history" (Wikipedia). Zudem war Robinson Herausgeber der "Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science" und Mitherausgeber der "American Historical Review". - Auf Briefpapier mit gepr. Briefkopf; der Br. v. 15. November mit starken Knitterspuren, einem größeren Randeinriß und kleineren Randläsuren; der Br. v. 23. November mit einem kleinen Fleck und einem zweizeiligen eh. Zusatz..

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