Diego Rivera

Rivera, Diego

Mexican artist (1886-1957). Typed letter signed. Coyoacán. Large 4to. 1 p. With typed envelope and one enclosure (s. b.).
$ 4,921 / 4.500 € (44545)

Letter to his agent, Nettie King of New York: „It was a very pleasant surprise to receive the very nice expression of your kindness towards me, by sending me the check for the Book-of-the-Month Club. I appreciate very much all you did in order to obtain it and thank you most sincerely for it. With great pleasure I will make the illustrations you propose and I hope to be able to please you with them. I await your instructions in this respect. My wife Frida has been recovering little by little and although she has had insomnia lately, as inevitable consequence of her post operation convalescence, just the same she is feeling better [...]“.

– Rivera’s wife, Frida Kahlo, dealt with immense pain throughout most of her life, resulting from a bike accident at a young age. After her 1946 surgery, her nephew wrote, “She is now worse than ever, the pain is unimaginably intense”. - Rivera seems unusually optimistic in this letter, especially considering the volatile nature of their relationship. A fantastic letter with content regarding his art and marriage. Moderate overall toning, staple holes to the upper left corner, and a few dings and tears to the edges; accompanied by a carbon copy of King’s initial letter to Rivera..

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