Jean / Manescu [Reparation payments of the Romanian People's Republic - Deciry

[Reparation payments of the Romanian People's Republic - Deciry, Jean / Manescu, R.].

Typed "Accord entre la République française et la République populaire roumaine concernant le règlement des problèmes financiers en suspens entre les deux pays". Bucarest. 4to. Ca. 11 pp. on 12 ff. (one of which the title-page). Including a typed application protocol, 5 typed letter copies, and a cover letter (copy).
$ 327 / 300 € (87322/BN57784)

With information on progress made in the settlement of French financial claims on Romania and compensation of French public or legal persons whose assets, rights or interests have been affected by a Romanian measure of nationalization, expropriation, requisition, and other similar measure or whose property has suffered war damage. The bank of the People's Republic of Romania must order payment to various French and Dutch banks within fifteen days after the agreement coming into effect, for example the equivalent in Francs of "1.775,243" kilograms of gold to the "Banque de France": "La Banque d'Etat de la République Populaire Roumaine, dans les quinze jours qui suivront l'entrée en vigueur de l'accord, notifiera: a) à la Banque de France [...]".

- With traces of old, partly rusty, stapling. Cover letter with handwritten note..

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