Frederic Remington

Remington, Frederic

American artist and writer (1861-1909). Illustrated autograph letter signed. N. p. o. d. 8vo. 3½ pp. on single bifolium.
$ 7,843 / 6.500 € (48385/BN30826)

To Joel Burdick, describing aspects of an improved design for a medical stretcher, with 3 small diagrams showing a wheel from various angles: "I had advice yesterday at David's Island wid [sic] de machine [...] They like it but suggested two changes [...] It wants to be cut out for a 5 ft 8 inch man or have a system of pins in the bearing irons which will make it adjustable to any man's height--simple. Second, we want it made with a platform, so that a stretcher will set on it and can be taken off at will [...] then the cross piece must be bent slightly so that the canvas won't fall on it with weight of patient &c [...] To hell with Germany--I don't see but we can let them do the worrying.

We can get this in the European armies all right by trying [...]". - Minor staining at bottom corners..

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