Hector Quine

Quine, Hector

Komponist und Musikwissenschaftler (geb. 1926). Eigenh. Brief mit U. [London]. ¾ S. 4to.
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Hector Quine (geb. 1926), Komponist und Musikwissenschaftler. E. Brief m. U., [London], 14. Februar 1980. ¾ S. 4°. – An Heinz Birker: „[...] I am very pleased that you have shown such an interest in my tutor ‚Introduction to the Guitar’, and I am therefore enclosing a copy of this book for you. You may be interested to know that a German translation of this book has been made, but has not yet been published […]”. – Auf Briefpapier mit gedr. Briefkopf; ohne das erwähnte Buch.

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