Comte Louis (also Alvise) Querini Stampalia

Querini Stampalia, Comte Louis (also Alvise)

Venetian envoy, ambassador at Paris (fl. 1790). Autograph letter signed. Milan. 4to. 1 page on bifolium. With autograph address.
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To M. Regny, banker of the Republic of Genoa, sending wishes for good health and regretting his being unable to see the recipient until the doctor permits it, hoping nevertheless for a moment to meet: "Je reçu avec bien de la peine la nouvelle de votre maladie. J'espère qu'elle aura une issue heureuse et prompte. Je suis très fâché de ne pouvoir pas vous voir, et plus encore de vous entendre disposé a partir si tôt que le Médecin vous le permettra [...]". - Added is a copied mémoire entitled "Copie du Mémoire de M.

Regny au des affaires Etrangères" (8 April 1819), sent to minister Jean-Joseph Dessolles (1767-1828), concerning three bills of exchange over a sum of 90,000 francs, drawn on Querini in 1797 during his time as ambassador in Paris. It is stated that Querini testifies to have acted according to the orders of his government, and as meanwhile he became subject to the Emperor of Austria, the claims on the bills devolved to the Austrian Empire. Armand du Plessis, 5th Duke of Richelieu and Fronsac (1766-1822), is stated already to have recognized the legal rights of this claim of a sum total of 208,000 fl. (including interest), and passed the matter on to the French ambassador in Vienna, Victor de Riquet, Duke of Caraman (1762-1839). Further persons mentioned to have been involved in the matter are François Dewinck, the Venetian count Wiscowich, and Joseph de Salomon, bishop of Ortosia. - With slight brownstainings..

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