Heinrich von Preußen

Preußen, Heinrich von

Großadmiral der Kaiserlichen Marine und Bruder von Kaiser Wilhelm II. (1862-1929). Portrait (vintage) signed and inscribed. Kiel. 22.01.1910. 197:139 mm auf etwas größerem Trägerkarton.
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A very fine vintage, the image depicting the Prince seated in a three quarter length pose. Photograph by E. Bieber of Hamburg & Berlin and bearing their blindstamp to the corner of the image and the lower mount. Signed in bold, white fountain pen ink to the image: "To Sir Ernest Shackleton in remembrance of Kiel | January 22ed. 10 | Henry, Prince of Prussia". - Anglo-Irish Antarctic Explorer Ernest Shackleton (1874-1922) was decorated with the Prussian Order of the Crown in 1911.

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