Jeanne Poisson Pompadour

Pompadour, Jeanne Poisson, marquise de

marquise de (1721-1764). Autograph letter (unsigned). No place. 8vo. 1 page.
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A humorous letter to the (unnamed) duc d'Aiguillon: “Your dear uncle St Florentin stays in Chateauneuf for 10 days, I think I should send you the attached letter that the Duke of Rohan very wittily sent back here […] I am very happy that the distraction of the Duke of Rohan gives me the opportunity to remember you in honor. This is a nice end to the letter, very witty and above all very new, I dare to flatter myself that you will be happy with it. I'm not talking to you about your mad Bretons because I feel like I'll get furious […]”.

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