4. Earl of Chesterfield Philip Stanhope

Philip Stanhope, 4. Earl of Chesterfield

Staatsmann und Schriftsteller (1694-1773). Autograph letter signed ("Chesterfield"). Dublin Castle. 02.01.1745. 1½ SS. auf Doppelblatt. 4to.
$ 3,729 / 3.500 € (33098/BN27881)

To an unnamed addressee, written six days before his appointment as Lord-Lieutenancy of Ireland: "I am so much inclined to serve Captain Lushington, who belongs to me here, that I should have little merit in obeying your Lordship's orders, were it in my power to do it; but hitherto He has been above me, being a Captain already, and I having yet had nothing above a company to dispose of. In the Commission I gave your Lordship to be my Steward, I inserted the fullest powers possible, without either account or Control, and have not reserv'd to my self the liberty of even advising much less of directing.

And whatever you think fit to do, will I am sure be the best that can be done, and whatever I should have done my self, would certainly have been the worst [...]". - Slightly browned due to paper and somewhat spotty; fol. 2 slightly spotty and with small paper breakthrough, traces of old mounting on the reverse..

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