Joseph Barclay Pentland

Pentland, Joseph Barclay

Irish geographer, scientist, and traveller (1797-1873). Autograph letter signed. No place or date. 8vo. 2 pp. on bifolium. With autograph address verso.
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To the painter and geologist Thomas Richard Underwood (1772-1835) about a colleague's publication: "I have some weeks since received two papers from Buckland [i.e., the geologist William Buckland, 1784-1856] for you, but thinking you gone I have not been in a hurry to send them to your house. Lyell [the geologist Charles Lyell, 1797-1875] tells me you are still in Paris, & I now send you the 2 Memoirs in question [...]". - Pentland, who worked with Cuvier and corresponded with Charles Darwin, surveyed a large part of the Bolivian Andes between 1826 and 1827.

He published his Report on Bolivia in 1827. From 1836 to 1839, he served as British consul-general in Bolivia. - Strip of old mounting tape on verso. Previously in the collection of the English novelist Catherine Hutton (1756-1846), with a few biographical notes in her handwriting..

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