Roundell Palmer

Palmer, Roundell, 1st Earl of Selborne

English lawyer and politician (1812-1895). Autograph letter signed. Blackmoor, Petersfield. 18.08.1886. 8vo. 2 pp. on bifolium. With autograph address.
$ 202 / 190 € (82392/BN53394)

To J. R. Taylor, declining an appeal due to his workload: "I must apologize for not sooner answering your letter of the 2nd instant; and I must, at the same time, express my regret, that I am not in a situation to respond, as I would wish, to that, and many other similar appeals. My available means are so entirely exhausted by the [...] claims upon them, as to compel me to contract, rather than enlarge, the circle of my consultations [?] to other objects [...]". - Twice Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain, Palmer broke with Gladstone over Irish Home Rule and refused reappointment when the Liberals returned to office in July 1886.

- On mourning stationery paper. Traces of former mounting verso..

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