Sean O'Casey

O'Casey, Sean

Irish dramatist (1880-1964). Autograph letter signed. Torquay. 14.03.1953. 8vo. 1¾ pp.
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To Francis W. Owen: "Thank you for your kind letter, and for what you say in it. There has been an exciting time in Dublin about the new play, & still a lot of commotion in argument for the play and against the play. I hope your friend, Miss Hayden, wasn't too disappointed when you told her I could not give her the play. Another of mine now - 'Red Roses for Me' - is under contract in New York. Dublin is still crowding round 'The Bishop's Bonfire', made more remarkable during the season of Lent [...]".

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O'Casey, Sean

Eigenh. Brief mit U. („Dad | (Sean) XXXXX“).
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To his daughter Tochter Shivaun in New York: „By the time you get this, you should be in New York, or coming close to it. Take care of yourself, and don’t tire yourself too much [...] What an experienced traveller [!] you will be when you return to the quit of St. Marychurch, where only a few people go about, and the daffodils are content with a sedate dance [...] I daresay, you know Brian hopes to hold an Exhibition soon of some of his pictures & those of a few other artists. He is very busy framing these and painting new ones [...] The Dublin Drama Festival has been abandoned, for the Council was unable to find plays as suitable substitutes for those withdrawn. It has been a disappointing business. My earnest blessing, darling, on all you do; but remember my advice to memorise, if you can, a few things to say when Broadcasting or on Television; be calm & relaxed as you can [...]“. – The sketch, entitled „Dreaming of Spring“, is depicting O’Casey snoozing in his arm chair, while his family is abroad. – On stationery with printed address; stronger traces of folding, the reverse somewhat spotty.