Stafford Henry Northcote

Northcote, Stafford Henry, 1st Earl of Iddesleigh

Staatsmann (1818–1887). Eigenh. Brief mit U. („Stafford H. Northcote“). [London]. 2 SS. auf Doppelblatt. 8vo.
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Stafford Henry Northcote, 1st Earl of Iddesleigh (1818–1887), britischer Staatsmann. E. Brief mit U. („Stafford H. Northcote“). [London], 24. oder 29. April 1882. 2 SS. auf Doppelblatt. 8°. – An John Campbell, Duke of Argyll und Marquess of Lorne (1845–1914): „Our friend the Reverend Arthur Thynne – son of the late Lord John Thynne – is just starting for a short trip to the United States and Canada, and has asked me to mention his name to you; which I have promised to do, telling him at the same time that he may, I am sure, take the liberty of presenting himself to your Excellency on my introduction.

He has a living in Cornwall, and is blessed with a very large family; and I believe his principal object in going over is to see what he can do in the way of launching one or two of his sons in Manitoba or elsewhere [...]“. – Auf Briefpapier mit gepr. Adresse; die Verso-Seite von Bl. 2 mit stärkeren Montagespuren..

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