Jules (i. e. Claude Antoine Jules Cairon) Noriac

Noriac, Jules (i. e. Claude Antoine Jules Cairon)

French journalist, playwright, writer, librettist and theatre director (1827-1882). Autograph letter signed. [Paris. 12mo. 1 page on bifolium. With autograph address. In French.
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To the playwright Albéric Second (1817-87) with a recommendation of a young man who would like to produce a tailcoat for him, threatening no longer to support his 1855 burlesque play "English Spoken" if he does not allow the tailor to realise his dream: "Voici un brave garçon, un vrai garçon, qui a un rève il voudrait faire un habit à Mr Albéric Second. Si tu ne réalise pas le rève que je trouve tout naturel je ne mets plus English au tableau [...]". - On blindstamped stationery of the Théâtre des Variétés, where Noriac was co-managing director from 1856 to 1859. - Slightly creased and spotted.

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