Michael Noakes

Noakes, Michael

Maler (geb. 1933). Ms. Brief mit eigenh. U. („Michael“). London. ¾ S. Gr.-4to.
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Michael Noakes (geb. 1933), Maler. Ms. Brief mit e. U. („Michael“). London, 18. Juni 1997. ¾ S. Gr.-4°. – An William Tallon (1935–2007), den Kammerdiener von Queen Mum, der Mutter von Königin Elisabeth II., über ein Portrait, das er von dem englischen Thronfolger Prinz Charles geschaffen hatte: „[...] I have as usual enjoyed my sittings with the Prince of Wales: but it has been a bit of a nightmare, getting enough time from him [...] The trouble is I think HRH’s office tends to see what is left over after all the other calls that there are on his time, and slot the painter in then.

It doesn’t seem to regard the artist as any sort of priority [...] but since these pictures are around for a very long time (well, failing fire, mice or nuclear attack anyway) it does seem to me to be a mistake to deal with sittings that way [...]“. – Auf Briefpapier mit gedr. Briefkopf..

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