Friedrich Nietzsche

Nietzsche, Friedrich

Philosoph (1844-1900). Autograph letter signed ("Friedrich Nietzsche"). In German. Sorrento, Villa Rubinacci. 2 SS. auf Doppelblatt. 8vo.
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To his friend, the writer and painter Reinhart von Seydlitz in Davos, Switzerland, inviting him to join Nietzsche and Malwida von Meysenburg in Sorrento: "My dear good friend, nothing but a query - apart from my most cordial thanks for your letter. Are you in sufficient health to make plans for the spring? I hope and wish it with all my heart. You would still find me in Sorrento. My two friends and companions [the philosopher Paul Rée and his student Albert Brenner] will be leaving me at the end of March, and I remain with Miss von Meysenburg [...] My eyes are worse, my head not significantly better - thus, to employ an ancient Italian phrase (first used by a Papal nepot when the bailiffs came to lead him to his death), 'Va bene, patienza!' - The days are of exceptional beauty; there is here a mixture of ocean, forest, and mountain climate, and numerous semi-darkened, quiet pathways.

Many plans cross our minds (those of Miss v. M. and myself), and you always figure in them [...]". - During his 1876/77 sojourn on the gulf of Naples, Nietzsche was working on "Menschliches - Allzumenschliches". On November 6th, Richard and Cosima Wagner had abruptly quit Sorrento, departing for Rome; it had been the last meeting between the philosopher and the composer whom he had formerly idolized. - Well preserved..

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Nietzsche, Friedrich

Eigenh. Brief mit U. ("Dr. Nietzsche Professor in Basel").
Autograph ist nicht mehr verfügbar

Emotional farewell letter to his grandmother Wilhelmine Oehler in Halle, on the eve of his moving to Basel, where Nietzsche assumed his professorship on 28 May 1869. He attached his doctoral diploma to thank his grandmother for a congratulatory letter, apologizing for being unable to present it in person due to a "flood of urgent affairs". The letter reveals an anxious Nietzsche in the face of "setting forth into a new world, into a difficult and exhausting profession, among strange and unfamiliar people and conditions". Proud of his career move, he thanks Mrs. Oehler for her emotional support and expresses his hope to "receive only good news of her health in his new domicile", underscoring that she had earned all his respect and love due to her "tireless efforts" for the well-being of the family. - Traces of folds. With some minor tears to the upper border and two restored fold tears.