Carsten Niebuhr

Niebuhr, Carsten

Kartograph und Forschungsreisender (1733-1815). Autograph letter signed ("Niebuhr"). Meldorf. 09.04.1780. 2 SS. 4to. Gerahmt.
$ 20,061 / 18.500 € (49667/BN34099)

Very rare letter by the great explorer, written (in German) to his publisher (possibly Nicolaus Möller in Copenhagen?), asking him to enlighten him as to the possible receipt of outstanding payments. Niebuhr writes that he would be interested to know whether "Messrs. van Ghelen, Brönner, and the Typographical Society in Berne [...] have paid. I do hope that it was not illness that prevented sending me an answer [...] I will, however, include here a list of what each and every gentleman is to pay.

- Mr van Ghelen in Vienna owes, after having settled a bill, 54 Reichsthaler and 4 Groschen, and is instructed to pay me 2 Reichsthaler in Louisd'or on behalf of Professor [Maximilian] Hell [...] For 5 copies of the 'Reisebeschreibung nach Arabien', 1st volume, Mr Brönner in Frankfurt owes 5 Reichsthaler and 20 Groschen each [...] The Typographical Society in Berne owes payment for 4 copies of the 'Reisebeschreibung', part 1, at 5 Reichsthaler and 20 Groschen each, [...] and 4 Reichsthaler 4 Groschen for 1 copy of 'Beschreibung von Arabien'" (transl.). - Of the utmost rarity..

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