Ernest (act. Roberts Newmann

Newmann, Ernest (act. Roberts, William)

musicologist (1868-1959). Typed letter signed with few autograph corrections. Tadwoth (Surrey). 8vo. 1 page.
$ 303 / 280 € (90417/BN60112)

To the musician Frederick Allan Wilshire (1868-1944), he, Newmann, would not be able to provide information on Wagner Societies in England, and with some hints on his current professional occupation: "I am glad to hear of the formation of your Wagner Society, and wish it good luck and long life. I don't know whether there are any other Wagner Societies still in existence in England. I would suggest your asking the Musical Times [...] I have completely given up lecturing: I have about a dozen books on hand, and I have had do give up every form of activity that draws upon the time I need for these.

It seems a long while now since we heard the 'Ring' in Bristol. These were great days! [...]". - In 1931 Newmann had published his work "Fact and Fiction about Wagner. A Criticism of the 'Truth about Wagner' by P. D. Hurne and W. L. Root". - With embossed letterhead..

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