Pavel Alekseevich Nekrasov

Nekrasov, Pavel Alekseevich

Russian mathematician and a Rector of the Imperial University of Moscow (1853-1924). Autograph letter signed. Matveevskaya, 11. 8vo. 3 1/2 pp. Double sheet.
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To the mathematician Dmitrii Matveevich Sintsov (1867-1946): „[…] In your letter I see that you have deigned to assign my article “Mathematical Statistics” published in the 45 volume of the Notices of the Imp. Russ. Geogr. Society to the polemical ones against A. A. Markov. However, to agree with this is impossible because on page 571 of this article, where A. A. Markov’s name is mentioned, there is nothing polemical against him. There is only a necessary quote that in no way disparages the work of A.

A. Markov for the readers. This statement is not mine, but the Council’s of the Imp. Russ. Geogr. Society, to which A. A. Markov first turned with polemics against me. A. A. Markov cunningly hid this view of the Geogr. Society and referenced only the protocols of the Mosc. Mathem. Society. So, the polemic, according to the acknowledgment of two Societies, was first began not by me, but by A. A. Markov, who came out in the Notices of the Imp. Ac. of Sciences for 1910 with a disparagement of my work. This is why I repeatedly ask the society to ensure that I have the right to the last word, so that he and I will have equal dwell conditions. Maybe, I will not use this right if the content of the next attack of A. A. Markov will not be as blasphemous as to be impossible to accept with the gift of good-naturedness that I possess. But, to confess, I do not hope that his attitude toward my work will be so unbiased that I will be able to reply with goodnatured silence, which is not averse to the quietude, which science serves. […]“.

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