Denis-Stanislas Montalant

Montalant, Denis-Stanislas, known as Talbot

French actor (1824-1904). 7 autograph letters signed. N. p. o. d. 8vo. Together 6 pp.
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Correspondence with Alfred de Beauchesne (1804-1874), secretary at the Paris Conservatory. The collection includes two letters of introduction for young applicants for the declamation classes at the conservatory, a request for two tickets for a performance, a letter wherein Talbot asks Beauchesne to pass on two letters, an unspecified response with the remark that "it is, however necessary to see" the actors Jules Boucher, Suzanne Reichenberg, and an unidentified third person. In the longest letter of the collection, Talbot asks Beauchesne to give him the names and addresses of those candidates who didn't pass the entrance examination.

Apparently, he offered preparatory acting classes. Two letters are dated to 1861 by a collector's hand. This would indicate that Talbot was very active as a teacher well before he left the Comédie-Française in 1873 to start an acting school at the théâtre de la Tour d'Auvergne. - Traces of folds and some browning overall. A letter starting "Je vous serai bien obligé de faire inscrire le petit note ci-contre" somewhat faded..

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