László Moholy-Nagy

painter and photographer, 1895-1946

"László Moholy-Nagy, born László Weisz, was a Hungarian painter and photographer as well as a professor in the Bauhaus school. He designed stage sets for successful and controversial operatic and theatrical productions, designed exhibitions and books, created ad campaigns, wrote articles, and made films. In 1937, on the recommendation of Walter Gropius, and at the invitation of Walter Paepcke, the Chairman of the Container Corporation of America, Moholy-Nagy moved to Chicago to become the director of the ""New Bauhaus"". His largest accomplishment may be the ""School of Design"" in Chicago, which survives today as part of the Illinois Institute of Technology."

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Moholy-Nagy, László

Hungarian painter and photographer (1895-1946). 7 autograph letters signed ("M-N"). Berlin and others. Mostly 4to. Altogether 16 pp. With 4 autogr. envelopes and some addenda.
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Detailed correspondence (in German) with Frantisek Kalivoda on the publication of a special edition of "Telehor" devoted to Moholy-Nagy, with praise of the recipient's work, ("It's amazing what you manage to achieve"), and of a prospective title ("The title 'thesis -- antithesis -- synthesis' is wonderfully Marxist - or Hegelian"), and declaring that "My one desire is, through telepathy and telesympathy, to make your work easy and pleasant". The papers comprise 3 sketches within text of paintings, and a sketched design for the outer covers of the special edition of "Telehor".

- In detail: 1) 12. VIII. [1934]. 2 pp. With autograph envelope. - 2) 25. VIII. [1934]. 2 pp. With small coloured sketch, and autogr. envelope. -3) 27. II. 1935. 2 pp. - 4) 19. IV. 1935. 2 pp. With small sketch in pencil. - 5) 10. VI. 1935. 4 pp. With two small sketches. - 6) 9. VIII. 1935. 4 pp. With autogr. envelope. - 7) 9. X. 1935. 2 pp. With autogr. envelope. - Addenda: 1) Typescript signed by Moholy-Nagy, an introduction to an exhibition on Dutch fabric production, March 1935, 1p., folio. - 2) A typescript article by Kalivoda on the relationship between the artist and the city of Brünn, 1965, in Czech and German (punchholes in margins, folds, browned)..

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Moholy-Nagy, László

E. Brief mit U.
Autograph ist nicht mehr verfügbar

László Moholy-Nagy (1895-1946), Maler. E. Brief m. U., „M.-N.“, London, 28. Juni 1936, eine Seite gr.-4°. Mit blindgeprägter Adresse. An Adrian P. Hartland in Amsterdam. „[…] ich freute mich sehr über die schönen arbeiten. hier sind sie. soll ich ‚telebor‘ auch an sie schicken? ich arbeite hier sehr viel, manchmal sehr interessantes, aber hauptsächlich und endlich komme ich zum malen […]“ Nach einem Aufenthalt in Amsterdam war Moholy-Nagy 1935 mit seiner zweiten Frau Sybil nach London emigriert, wo er sich als kommerzieller Designer, Layouter und Auftragsfilmer betätigte. 1937 ging er nach Chicago.