Jean Mitry

Mitry, Jean

French film theorist, critic and filmmaker (1904-1988). 2 autograph post cards signed. Levallois. Oblong 8vo. Together 2 pp. on 2 single sheets.
$ 481 / 450 € (87001/BN56854)

To a friend whose note he has lost, hoping that the enclosed cheque (not included here) will cover approximately the amount he owes: "J'ai perdu votre petite note. À peu de chose près ce doit être ce que je vous dois. S'il en reste je vous réglerai à la rentrée [...]". With a reference to a 400 Franc cheque as well as the date in blue ballpoint. - To the same, about having carried a cheque about with him for three months, which he just decided to mail instead of waiting for their next meeting: "Je traine ce chèque sur moi depuis trois mois comptant vous le remettre lors d'une prochaine visite.

Comme cela tarde je préfère vous l'envoyer ci joint [...]". - Both with printed letterhead. Slightly creased..

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