Francesco Armellini Pantalassi de' Medici

Medici, Francesco Armellini Pantalassi de'

cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church. He was a part of the Roman Curia (1470-1528). Letter signed. Rom. 4to. 1 p.
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Decree of the Cardinal Legate. - Ehemals Sammlung Eduard Fischer von Röslerstamm. Medici was made a cardinal on the 6 July 1517 by Pope Leo X, to the titular church of San Callisto. This was his fifth consistory. He was bishop of Gerace e Oppido in 1517, and archbishop of Taranto in 1525.He was bishop of Gallipoli. In the rione Borgo the cardinal let built a magnificent palace bearing his name. The historian Paolo Giovio wrote that the exactions and greed that the Cardinal showed in running the papal finances, as Camerlengo of the Holy Roman Church from 1521, had played a large part in causing the 1527 sack of Rome, because he had alienated the Roman population.

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