Laura Marx-Lafargue

Marx-Lafargue, Laura

daughter of Karl Marx, married to Paul Lafargue (1845-1911). Autograph letter signed. No place [probably Dravei]. 4 pp. 8vo.
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In French, to Jenny ("Mémé"), the daughter of her sister Jenny Caroline Longuet. A high-spirited letter, written two months after the death of Eleanor Marx: "It's a rotten spring this year, but I take comfort in the rain regarding my hat which gets visibly younger [...] Yes, the lilac dies, but there are red and white chestnut trees, golden rain from acacias and rosebuds. Especially for gourmands, like your uncle and yourself, there are the blushing strawberries [...] also I command you to come see and try [...]" (transl.). - Tears to folds, without loss to text.

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