Eleanor Marx-Aveling

Marx-Aveling, Eleanor

daughter of Karl Marx (1855-1898). Autograph letter signed. Deal [?]. 4 pp. 8vo.
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In French, to Jenny ("Mémé"), the daughter of her sister Jenny Caroline Longuet. A comprehensive letter in which Eleanor wishes her niece a happy birthday. She is going to receive a brooch as a present, which will arrive in the coming days. She suggests that "Mémé" visit her in England: "[...] Voyons-Mémé, cela ne t'amuserai-il pas de venir nous voir ? Jean te dira que nous sommes à côté du célèbre Palais de Crystal où tu iras tant que tu voudras ; que nous avons un petit jardin ou tu jardineras, et que ta tante serait bien contente de te voir chez elle [...]".

If none of her brothers would like to accompany her, she proposes that she herself could pick her up at Dover or Calais. - Autograph note by Edward Aveling (1849-89), partner of Eleanor Marx: "Viens! Ton oncle Edouard". On headed paper "The Den, Jews Walk, Sydenham, London"..

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