John Manners

Manners, John, 7th Duke of Rutland

English statesman (1818-1906). 2 autograph letters signed. Regent's Park (London) and Belvoir Castle. 8vo. Together (1+2 =) 3 pp. on 2 bifolia.
$ 395 / 350 € (82403/BN53413)

To a collector of autographs: "I have the pleasure of complying with your request for my autograph by subscribing myself [...]" (14 Nov. 1882). On mourning paper with embossed address. - To the engineer and railway pioneer Daniel Gooch (1816-89) about his son: "I am extremely obliged by your friendly letter communicating to me the reason why my son was not elected to fill the recent vacancy on the Guard of the Local Gate and Directorate. I fully appreciate the grounds of the selection made, and am most sensible of your kind intentions towards my son [...]" (21 Jan.

1883). On stationery with the emblem of Belvoir Castle. - Both letters somewhat browned; with signs of former mounting on verso. Includes an engraved portrait of Manners studying a book..

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