Maria Malibran

Spanish opera singer, 1808-1836

Maria Felicia Malibran was a Spanish singer who commonly sang both contralto and soprano parts, and was one of the best-known opera singers of the 19th century. Malibran was known for her stormy personality and dramatic intensity, becoming a legendary figure after her death at age 28 after a fall from her horse. Contemporary accounts of her voice describe its range, power and flexibility as extraordinary. Malibran is most closely associated with the operas of Rossini, but also enjoyed great success in Bellini's operas. The Library of the Royal Conservatory of Brussels possesses an important collection of scores, documents and objects from the diva, assembled in the Maria Malibran fund.

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Malibran, Maria

mezzo-soprano d'origine espagnole (1808-1836). Autograph letter signed. Norwich. 4 pages in-4.
$ 6,875 / 6.500 € (54322)

Crucial letter in the life of Spanish opera singer Maria Malibran (1808-1836), born Maria Felicitas Garcia Sitches, in which she refuses to see her husband Eugène Malibran, dated 23 September, 1830. The legendary Maria Malibran was known equally for her unrivalled voice, passionate personality and rare beauty. See died young, at the age of 28. She had met and married the wealthy Eugene Malibran in New York in 1826 when she was performing in the service of her tyrannical father. It is believed that her father set up the marriage for his personal financial gain.

But it turned out Malibran was not wealthy at all and declared bankruptcy soon after. Although they never divorced, Maria left her husband after a year and returned to Europe, writing and sending the present letter from Norwich in England. In Europe she found great success, fame and wealth. Chopin even named her the "Queen of Europe". When she wrote the present letter she had moved to London to perform and had begun a romance with Belgian violinist Chales-Aguste de Bériot. Eugène Malibarn, still her husband, got news of this and came over from America to claim his rights over her. Maria refused to see him, as she states in this letter, and moved to Brussels with her lover. The bickering 4 page letter is addressed to her brother-in-law, Mr. Colladon, but obviously aimed at her husband. She passionately responds to being accused by many of poor communication "Why is he complaining about my silence? Didn't I write first?". She concludes that she never wants to see Eugène again and that he can have the money as long as he stays "at a distance that demands a telescope". Minor wear on the extremities of the folds, otherwise in very good condition..

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Malibran, Maria

Eigenh. Brief m. U. „M. F. Malibran“.
Autograph ist nicht mehr verfügbar

Malibran, Maria

Eigenh. Brief mit U. ("Maria de Beriot").
Autograph ist nicht mehr verfügbar

To Baron De Thierry: "[…] Faut-il que je vous dise: Si vous êtes bien jentil, si vous n'êtes pas susceptible, si vous êtes bon enfant venez me voir ce matin j'ai à causer avec vous: … Non non, j'aime mieux croire à mes premières impressions et me figurer que je vous connais depuis long temps […] et sans aucune espèce de belle phrase vous dire positivement que je vous attends les fleurs et les pines à la main […]". - Wrinkled; small tears re-backed.