François Magendie

Magendie, François

French physician (1783-1855). Autograph letter signed. N. p. 03.08.1841. 8vo. 1 p.
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Medical certificate for Jean-Delphin Alard (1815-88), then first violinist in the orchestra of King Louis-Philippe. Magendie diagnoses Alard with a "very serious nervous affection" and states that he should not work for at least six weeks and "breathe his native air" as a cure: "J’atteste que Monsieur Alard artiste de la Musique d. s. M. vient d’éprouver une maladie nerveuse très grave qui a laissé de profondes traces dans son organisation. Je crois en conséquence indispensable que Mr Alard s’abstienne pendant six semaines au moins de tout travail et qu’il aille sans retard respirer l’air natal [...]".

- François Magendie was a pioneer of experimental physiology. He first illustrated the concept of empty calories and described the so-called Bell-Magedie law, verifying the differentiation between sensory and motor nerves in the spinal cord. - With a minor tear to the upper border and traces of former mounting..

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