Louis Lumiere

Lumiere, Louis

French engineer and industrialist who played a key role in the development of photography and cinema (1864-1948). Typed letter signed. Neuilly-sur-Seine. 4to. 1 1/2 pp.
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To Earl Theison, Honorary Curator of Motion Pictures at the Los Angeles County Museum regarding a partial typescript of a history of cinematography under preparation. Together with a typed English translation of the typescript.

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Lumière, Louis

Fotoindustrieller und Filmpionier (1864-1948). Autograph letter signed. Bandol (Var). 17.07.1939. 1 S. auf Doppelblatt. 8vo.
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To the inventor and "father of the fax machine" Édouard Belin, thanking for congratulations and expressing his admiration for Belin's achievements: "Combien je suis touché, mon cher Monsieur Belin des félicitations sie aimablement exprimées que vous m'adressez. Je vous en remercie cordialement et vous prie de croire à l'admiration que j'éprouve pour vos belles réalisations que font maintenant le tour du monde. Encore merci et toute ma bien amicale sympathie [...]". - On headed stationery of the "Villa Lumen" and slight traces of former mounting on verso. Light browning.

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