John Seymour Lucas

Lucas, John Seymour

Maler (1849–1923). Eigenh. Brief mit U. [London]. 1 S. 4to.
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John Seymour Lucas (1849–1923), Maler. E. Brief mit U., [London], 18. Dezember 1920, 1 Seite 4°. – An den Maler, Kunstautor und Sekretär der Society of Graphic Arts Frank L. Emmanuel (1865–1948): „I much regret I have no black + white work by me. I seldom do any now; Mr. Carmichael would I have no doubt put you in the way of borrowing some I chose from. All my best work in Black + White was done for the Graphic, and Mr Thomas would (if he could) oblige me by lending [...]“.

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