Charles A. Lindbergh

Lindbergh, Charles A.

US-amerikanischer Flugpionier (1902-1974). Masch. Brief mit eigenhändiger Unterschrift „Charles“. Switzerland. 29.8.1970. 4to. 4 1/3 pp.
$ 2,629 / 2.500 € (83957)

An Alden Whitman von der New York Times. „After you left the Agta area, my schedule continued according to plan for some days. On returning to Manila, I began working on wildlife conservation activities -- a meeting of the Philippine Wildlife Conservation Foundation, a check into the present condition of the Tamaraw in Mindoro, and a trip with Jesse Alvarez to Mindanao to talk to a meeting of loggers in regard to protection of the Monkey Eating Eagle. After the meeting, in Davao, we drove several hours northwest into an isolated and heavily-jungled mountainous area where, after antoher hour on foot, we located two eagles near a previously located nest.

One of them was considerate enough to remain perched on a branch for close to an hour while we phootgraphed and observed it. […]“ Alden Whitman papers are held by THE NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY..

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