Georg Limnaeus


Limnaeus, Georg

Eigenh. Albumblatt mit U.
Autograph ist nicht mehr verfügbar

"Uti cantos gubernatores decet, dum tranquillitas arridet, ad defendendam tempestatem instrumenta expedire: sic par est virum prudentem afflante fortuna, reflantis praesidia comparare." - The astronomer Limnaeus built the first observatory at Jena. "Kepler sent some copies of his 'Mysterium cosmographicum' to Galileo Galilei, Tycho Brahe, Reimar Ursus and also to Limnaeus in Jena from the Frankfurt Book Fair in 1597. Limnaeus gave him - apart from the words expressing praise but which actually were meaningless concerning Kepler's ideas - the information about Brahe Kepler had asked for and which may have promoted his move to Prague" (Schielicke, cf. below). - Trimmed closely and mounted at left edge. Slight waterstain. Extremely rare.